Switched from Pi 3B+ to Pi 4 - random lights at boot

Today I replaced my Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a Raspberry Pi 4B. My matrix display is connected to the first chain (the Smiley :smile: configuration on the wiring howto) - same as it was on the 3B+.

When I boot my Raspberry Pi 4, a row of LEDs lights up on boot and it stays on until I actually start displaying something. The same also happens on every reboot. This did not happen with the older Pi.

This is not a showstopper in my case, but if anyone knows an easy solution (or can give me hints on how to further debug this), I’d be all ears!

yes, I’ve seen that if you have a floating line. Probably one of the data lines goes to an rPi pin that is not initialized and sending data that causes this.
I would make sure you have all your rPI drivers on those pins, turned off.
You could also try connecting to the 2nd chain instead to use other pins.

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thank you for your reply! It is not bothering me much, but I might try using the second (:boom:) set of ports at some point. I was just curious if i broke something :smiley: