Matrix only using every two rows?

Using an adafruit bonnet, pi4 and a 32x64 matrix I’ve got it working except it only lights up every two rows no matter what combination of settings i use. If anyone has any ideas I’d be very grateful

It’s difficult to help without knowing what settings you are using.

That said, from the picture, it looks like address line B isn’t getting through, either something wrong with your IO output (line used by something else), or a bad cable, or a bad panel.
Did you read the entire README, and configured your Pi correctly to stop daemons and IO assignment in the Pi boot config?

Hello, I have a similar problem. I am able to run demos using an esp32 board without any black bars in between.

Could you please give a hint about stopping daemons and IO assignment, looks like I missed something in the readme file


honestly I can’t tell you more than what’s in the readme.
I think some kernel configs can take some IO lines that could in turn cause this, but I can’t tell you which one would do what.
That said, do make sure that all your wiring is good too, that’s probably the first culprit right there.

thanks, change to adafruit hat configuration and connected all pins again, now running without problems