Memory leak, maybe?

Let me preface this by saying: I’m using rpi-rgb-led-matrix as dependency of a different github repo, so I’m obviously not expecting support or help from this community.

The project I’m using with my pi4 is pico8-led, which pulls in a pinned rpi-rgb-led-matrix version (why that specific version is unknown to me).

While it all works fine for me, what I’ve noticed is that after about 40 mins of displaying content to the LED matrix, the pi freezes up completely requiring it to be hard rebooted. After some investigation, it looks like xserver-screen causes the pi to steadily run out of RAM, and then cache, and then it locks, suggesting a memory leak.

I’ve opened an issue on the pico8-led project, but in the meantime, I’m wondering if anyone here might have any insight into if rpi-rgb-led-matrix is involved, and if so, what might need to be done to keep this from happening.

From my layperson’s view, it feels like possibly the stream of content being displayed to the LED matrix is never cleaned up so the buffer just keeps growing until it consumes all available resources.

Happy to supply any needed details, but since this project is only one component of pico8-led, I completely understand if I’ll need to wait for that repo’s maintainer to engage.

Thanks in advance.