Display quality degrades after 3 min

I am running the mlb-led-scoreboard project on a 64x32 matrix using rgi-led-matrix. I’m using a pi 3b with the Adafruit hat and when I run the program it looks great for about one minute then the lines flicker and slowly the image degrades. I have tried all the gpio slow downs (1-4) with no success. I am hoping someone with more experience can help as I am fairly new to the world. Thanks

Does anything get hot? Maybe your power supply is not up to the task and overheats or something like that?

No, nothing is hot. I had the idea about the power source so I gave the led matrix a direct power supply and ran the pi off its own power supply too. Still had the same issue.

Good, I have already prepared LED with 12 matrix 64*32.
Command for an array:
sudo ./demo -D 1 --led-no-hardware-pulse --led-chain=1 --led-rows=32 --led-cols=64 runtext.ppm --led-parallel=1
It worked very well for me, but I did not make the connections manually without any adapter. A few days ago I bought RGB LED Matrix Panel Drive Board For Raspberry Pi, if you buy that is the best option I already read somewhere that the one from Adafruit has to have faults, although I don’t remember where.
I leave my next comment for later because I am very busy. Excuse me also because my English is basic.
My recommendation that you do the tests by connecting directly as it is in the repository.