Run Python samples with alternate wiring

I have a 3-chain setup with 16x32 rgb panels from Adafruit (so 96x16), connected to a Raspberry Pi 4. I followed Simon Monk’s tutorial on Adafruit for the wiring which turns out to be deprecated for hardware choices for this library. So I added a new hardware configuration and called it “monk-pi”, set it as the default mapping in the lib/Makefile, recompiled and the C examples work fine. But trying to use the Python examples won’t allow use of the --led-gpio-mapping=monk-pi as it says it’s an invalid option. I edited the to include ‘monk-pi’ as a hardware mapping option and receive the message that “There is no hardware mapping named ‘monk-pi’.” I also tried recompiling the Python binding. Where else do I need to add this option for it to work? I’ve dug around a lot but can’t find it…

As an alternative I think I can call the C text scrolling script from my Python script

Yes! I used an os.system call to run the text scrolling script with flags. Works great.