Missing Rows and Not Centered

Following the how to I can not get the full screen to work. The bottom row is shifted 8 pixels up and then an additional 8 are missing.

Raspberry Pi 4
Command used. Without --led-multiplexing=17 it’s mirrored and squished. With 17 looks right but still missing rows.

./demo -D1 --led-rows=32 --led-cols=64 --led-chain=1 --led-multiplexing=17  --led-brightness=50 --led-show-refresh runtext.ppm

Hat used


Any thoughts? I swapped hats, thinking it was a bad one, and Pis. Same results.
I know the RBG Matrix is good because It came from this kit and worked with the Pi Zero

It almost looks like your D address line is missing. What happens if you hot wire the D line to 5V, or what if you swap the C and D wires?