64x32 missing color channels in half of matrix?

Hello, new here and I’m trying to get some P4 64x32 matrices I picked up in China a few years ago working with an Adafruit Bonnet and the rpi-rgb lib. The demos do display, but what’s weird about it is half the rows on every panel only show the green channel.

I’ve tried to swap out cabling and an identical matrix with the same result. I have a 20A 5V power supply so that should not be the constraint.

Pic is of two 64x32 on top of each other (not a 64x64, so no E channel).

Hub75-16S, ICN2028

Any ideas would be fantastic.

This was driving me crazy, but after hours of troubleshooting this issue appears to be with Pi pins. Replacing the Pi led to it working.