128x64 LED matrix with 74HC254 and ICND2153AP looking for settings

I have access to this matrix

The Print is labeled: GC-P2.5-16S-1415-128x64-V1.1

It has 4 x 74HC254 and 8 x 10 chipone ICND2153AP Ic’s mounted

The connector is labeled like this

R1 G1
R2 G2

I have it connected to a rasperry pi zero W and powered with 4V (tried also with 5V) because i have no level shifter available atm.
No matter what settings i try, it stays all black.

Double checked the cabling several times, and was reading allot and trying many options without success. The matrix is drawing 262mA when Idle and 280mA whe i run demo -D 0 with varing parameters

Is there a chance i can get dis matrix to run? would be cool as i have access to allot of them.
What parameters should i try, is maybe level shifting mandatory with this panel?

I have a similar panel using the ICND2153AP chip and get the same issue. Nothing lights up no matter what settings on an Adafruit RGB matrix HAT. Only difference is mine has E address lines. Would love to get them to work also. Price is quite nice compared to other panels.

This the mapping that is working for me. But I have the 64x64 panel

Hey, do you have any more info about your 64x64 ICND2153AP panels? I bought five from an ebay seller and am trying to get them working.

it almost seems like the OE pin is wrong–by default they stay black but if I unplug it (letting the pins float) it eventually begins to light up. Then they are lighting up with default settings in a 4x4 checkerboard pattern. I’ve tried all the combinations of rpi-rgb-led-matrix settings AFAIK.

The pinout you provided is helpful but I’d love to see the device-side pinout if you can – my panel is sealed on the back and the matrix pinout is unlabeled…

Grateful for any help you can offer.