Help regarding a 64x64 LED matrix

I recently bought a 64x64 1/32 scan RGB LED matrix from a local vendor. However, I can’t seem to control them using a Raspberry Pi 0 W.

I am using this command: sudo ./examples-api-use/demo --led-cols 64 --led-rows 64 -D0
Using this command produces nothing on the matrix. All LEDs remain off.

The matrix is using an MBI5252 as the LED driver chip, I think. Other chips used include a D7258, SM245TS, HC138.


Did you manage to get this working?

Absolutely not.

I tried a lot of other controllers too like the arduino uno, pi pico and the ESP32. None worked.

The Board is just sitting in a corner for now.

Using my Pi 0 W sometimes produces a corroupted image, but that’s it.

I would still be very thankful if somebody would help me with this.

Can you share all the hardware you use and the wiring layout ?