Advice for First Time Programming 64x32 Panel With Raspberry Pi 4

Hi everyone,

Just for context: I have never done any programming with a Raspberry Pi before. I am a programmer though. I’m in my last year of my computer science degree– so I’m not new to programming, just this specific topic.

I am working on programming a 64x32 P5 panel with a Pi 4. I wired it myself and I’m not using a bonnet or HAT. A lot of the tutorials I’m seeing are for 16x32 panels. I’m not sure if they apply to this panel and/or what I need to change to get them to work for my panel. I tried this code: GitHub - Boomerific/rpi-rgb-led-matrix: Controlling a 16x32 RGB LED display using Raspberry Pi GPIO but it doesn’t seem to work and again, I’m not sure if I need to change it to work with my specific board or if maybe I wired something wrong and that’s why (I’m NOT an engineer lol).

Keep in mind I have no Pi experience or LED matrix experience so any help or resources you can offer would be greatly appreciated!


Hi, to set expectations, you might want to get basic Pi programming experience first (maybe on an adafruit board), you may not get this kind of help here

Dear Annapanda,

I’ve just joined this forum and I’m a newbie to LED panel programming, however I have the same initial requirements: 64x32 panel (P2.5 however) and not using the HUB75 connector to connect to a Raspi 4B. The cables look a bit weird, but at least it works. I’m using an Ubuntu 21.04 server distribution and was able to compile and run the examples provided with the command e.g.:
sudo ./demo -D1 --led-rows=32 --led-cols=64 --led-no-hardware-pulse runtext.ppm
as in outlined picture.
conclusion: your board should work with the wiring outlined here - go for the smiley’s, as you have just one LED matrix module: