Help nothings working

I am attempting to use a 64x32 LED display with a rPi 4. I’ve connected to an external power source supplying 5V as recommended, and have followed the wiring guide listed in hzeller and on the LED instructions (they were the same). However the LED is not displaying when running any of the examples and is only pulling .06A. There are no errors popping up. In terms of trouble shooting, Ive tried adjusting the power to the display and randomly (around 2V) some of the LEDs lit up. Different leds would light up seemingly at random when turning the power source on and off, and when quitting the examples in the code the lines would combine into a single led per column illuminated.
This is very odd and unexpected. I’ve also tried slowing the gpio to 2 as that seemed to have worked for others but that did not make a difference here. I also tried running the set up on a rpi 3 with the same problem happening.
Any ideas on how to get this thing working?

As a plan B (and I would recommend doing this anyway) get an Electrodragon active shield for the RPi4. If nothing else it ensures that (a) the wiring will be correct and (b) you won’t have any issues with the different logic levels and it has buffering on-board.

I wonder if the level buffering is the root cause of your issue, but I would just be speculating as I’m not too experienced with this system yet