Can’t get Matrix to show Anything at all

I tried many things already but I can not for anything get this to work.
I use an 32x64 matrix with a raspberry pi 4 using the adafruit hat. I power the matrix directly (not through the hat). I followed several tutorials but none works. I. Can’t even get my led matrix to light up anymore (it did one week ago - still not right things tho)

I’m fed up PLEASE help. I don’t even know how to verify if my matrix or my pi hat even still work.

I even tried to hook the matrix up without the hat but didn’t get it to work too

I used:
sudo examples-api-use/demo -D0 —led-no-hardware-pulse —led-griot-mapping=adafruit-hat —led-slowdown-gpio=4 —led-cols=64

And also SEVERAL other python examples but NOTHING works.
And yes the Matrix power is 5V 3A (ampere is lower than 4 but that shouldn’t change a thing)