Using RGB LED tape rather than a matrix?

I have used the libraries on a matrix panel with great success. Is it possible to use the libraries on an RGB Addressable LED strip configured as a panel eg each strip 10 pixels long one above the other to make a 10x10 grid. If it is possible what GPIO pin would the data wire to the strip be connected to? and would there need to be a code adjustment?emphasized text

you’re asking about neopixels or equivalent? If so, this is totally the wrong library. See GitHub - marcmerlin/FastLED_NeoMatrix: Adafruit GFX compatible library for NeoPixel based Matrices using FastLED library

Many thanks for the reply, yes it is the neopixel strips. I have used these on an Arduino but now need to run them off of a Raspbery Pi for this project. I’m just trying to build a display with the LED strips but needs to display an Animated GIF or scrolling text messages.

You’ll have to find another library then. To be honest, because rPi isn’t realtime, neopixels on rPi aren’t super reliable, which is why most people use ESP32 or somesuch.
Either way, this is the not the right place to get help with that.

I know this is an old post, but in case anyone is looking here for help controlling Neopixels on raspberry pi:
Adafruit has a library and info on controlling a single strip, that could be routed back and forth to form a matrix:

If you want to run multiple strands of neopixels, check out this post, which has info on controlling up to 16 channels/strips of neopixels simultaneously via DMA & SMI. Fancy stuff!