Controlling neopixels with rpi-rgb-led-matrix

I have a custom led matrix made with neopixel strips (32 rows x 70 columns). I would love to use this library to create frames of matrix rgb data that I could feed into my own neopixel driver (which is based on this in case you’re curious: Raspberry Pi 16-channel WS2812 NeoPixel LED driver – Lean2).

Does anyone have any advice for this? Looking at some of the examples, it looks like SwapOnVsync gets called to send a canvas of rgb data to the led matrix at the correct time (line 315 of utils/ I looked to see how SwapOnVsync actually writes to the matrix, but got a bit lost. Any pointers?

Thanks in advance!

Why do you want to use this library for a neopixel matrix?
how about


If you want to use your own LED driver, you could write your own driver on top of framebuffer::GFX, which can run on rPi if you’d like

Thank you very much for your reply. rp-rgb-led-matrix has a lot of the functionality I was looking for to help put content on my matrix. It looks like I might be better suited using Adafruit or Framebuffer GFX, plus GraphicsMagick, plus maybe a timing library of some sort to get a fairly consistent refresh rate.