Web controlled rgb-led-matrix

I’m currently working on an assignment as a student with a Raspberry Pi, and since I’m a beginner, I’m having some difficulties.
The project is basically: RBG Led 80x40 Matrix Panel connected via GPIO to RasPi I downloaded this library (https://github.com/hzeller/rpi-rgb-led-matrix) to control it and - after a lot of trouble - it works pretty well . I can also place images and text and the results are really nice to look at. whenever the instructions in the terminal (sudo ./led-matrix -d -t …) are not completely user friendly. So my idea was to create a web server with a graphical interface, which could display for example a list of all the images available for display, so that it could be accessed via mobile phones as well. The next step is to allow users to directly upload their own image / text. Can you help me

I would start with installing apache and php on your Pi, https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/remote-access/web-server/apache.md . You can then place a bunch of images into a sub-folder and use PHP to read that directory and list/preview the images in your browser.

You will then need to edit your matrix code so it dynamically displays the image selected from your web page. When I did something similar, I had PHP write the filename/filepath to a simple TXT file which my matrix code then read from.

Do you mean something like this?

여기에 좋은 예가 있습니다. 오래전 방식으로

최신 Payara Platform Community Edition – Payara Services Ltd

설치하고 소스를 변경 해야 됩니다.

나는 오늘 완료 되었습니다.

Here’s a good example. You need to install the latest Payara Platform Community Edition-Payara Services Ltd and change the source in the old way. I’m done today.

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that is super neat, thanks for sharing.

@apri hei, i have matrix 80x40 and i cant make to display correct.
Do you have some advices how to connect raspberry pi (b+) to panel via idc cable? And how to setup demo to work?

Thanks :wink: