P10 outdoor skipped lines and looped character

Hi all, I have a 320x160mm panel from LED-Card P10 Outdoor SMD LED Module - LED-CARD Shopping

I got the multiplexing to work by setting the value to 9, and then rows and columns to 16x32 but I’m seeing some graphical artifacting with skipped lines and it looks like a looped top row wrapped around to the bottom.

This is supposed to say “hello demo”:

My initial thought was that the font might be broken but I tried a few of them. None fit the exact correct dimensions and it seems like a lot of work to create a new font.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

This is what I have set in options:

options = RGBMatrixOptions()
options.rows = 16
options.cols = 32
options.chain_length = 1
options.multiplexing = 13
options.hardware_mapping = 'adafruit_hat'

And the text is THIS IS A DEMO! HELLO WORLD!.

Changing the chain length seems to fix some of the repeating lines, but it then gives me a sort of “stretched” version where the center of the display has the text alright except the top is cut off, and the top and bottom couple rows are bigger versions of the text. It’s as if it’s drawn multiple times.