Is there a way to run this on Raspberry Pico

Has anyone used this code for Pico?,

Hi there yes i am currently making it so it works on a raspberry pi pico at the moment ive got lights its just a bit mudled up i will let you know how it goes

try this

Thanks for the article. do you have any idea about the joy-it matrix01-matrix which has 64x64? If not, I’d just try with a breadboard and the pins in the next days, but if you have ideas or already experience I’d gladly take it :wink:

(I have build a Berlin Clock with the RasPi but would like to have something smaller so I can put everything in one picture frame, without needing a visible computer nearby…

hi there so sorry for late reply the pinout on theme matrixs is the same the code just needs to be altered where it says def of panel 32 by 64 change it to 64 by 64 let me know if you need any help