Help with P3 64X64 panels

Hello all,

I am trying to use a P3 64x64 panel bought in aliexpress with this library.

The panel has A,B,C and E pins and I connected them based on description under :slight_smile:

Remark: I am using direct jumpers to connect the panel and rpi gpio

  1. I understand this library supports 64x64 panels right ?

  2. The panel does not have a D pin. Is there any special connection required?

  3. Is there any special parameter to be modified ( number of rows) while calling the examples ?

I get the colorful square displayed , but there are black bars displayed in between.

Thanks in advance for any hint or link.

Sometimes the panels dont label the pins properly. Check tge GND pin in the middle, and wether its connected to the other two grounds. That is likely to be your D pin

thanks for the hint. Just checked that yesterday.
One pin labeled as GND has no continuity to other grounds. I assume it is the D pin.

Connected to respective rpi pin, but still same problem.
Will test tomorrow the panel with other libraries (esp and arduino) I assume those will work, will update the thread after my results. Any other hint about configuration for this panel?

Short update on this topic. Was able to use this panel with other controller and library.

Required modifications:

  • change number of rows and columns to 64
  • number of panels set to 2
  • connect wrong labeled pin to E control pin in esp32 board
  • assign number to E pin on board configuration

I tried to use equivalent setup with rpi library. Unfortunately, was not able to get a positive result
would really appreciate any hint

And… issue solved, did not understand really why though… For guys facing same problem.
Use an Adafruit RGB Bonnet adaptor or create your own cable harness ( I did it so)
For pin mapping use definition under:


It did not work for me with option ‘regular’

hope it helps somebody else. Cheers