Help with a panel type


I just received several of these 64x32 panels:

I can display some small images and text, but the display looks like the lines are very streched and or interlaced somehow.

I am trying to determine if this board is supported by rpi-rgb-led-matrix, but I am not sure what to look for.

This is from the order:
Attention!!! Panel use DP5020/Chipone 2038 ic ,only support HD/Novastar/Linsn/Colorlight controller

Can somebody guide me please? I have been trying every combination of the input parameters but usually just end up with a blank screen.

My configuration:
LED Panel: 64x32
Adafruit RGB-Hat
Raspberry Pi 3B

Here is the command I am running:

sudo ./demo --led-multiplexing=1 --led-rows=32 --led-cols=64 -D7 --led-slowdown-gpio=5 --led-gpio-mapping=adafruit-hat

I have tried multiplexing 0-17, most of them display things that look like they are repeated 4 times. I am running game of life but it looks more like shimmering rectangles.

I have also tried --led-row-addr-type 0 through 4, no luck.

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I’ve always added -D 7 at the end.

Hmmm I’ll look at the chips tomorrow. It’s night here now

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I’ve been having the same issue. I’ve pretty much tried all options. I’m sure its going to be something with the LED panel I have (ABC) addressing 20x40 p8 panel. Do you have 4 (ABCD) or 5 (ABCDE) address pins on the Hub75 connector on the back?

It would be worth trying the --led-row-addr-type argument.

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I should have included a photo of the back! I will upload one soon. When I looked last time, I could not see any writing on the Hub75 connector port. I am thinking that this is just an incompatible chiptype. Will take some zoomed photos and upload.

Hello, I just bought 12 pieces of 32x32 matrices.
They look almost the same as the one I already had - working fine with RGB Matrix Bonnet.
The difference are some of the chips at the back are different.
New 32x32 matrices do not work.

Supplier told me that the chips used are chipone 2038s.
They do not seem to work.