Electrodragon RGB Matrix V2 port orientation

I’ve just moved over to rpi-rgb-led-matrix package from SmartMatrix, mainly because I want to go bigger than the SmartMatrix can handle.
I ordered the Electrodragon RGB matrix V2 board as I saw a few users here were using it and it can drive the 9x64x64 panels I have. I can’t seem to get the board working right, it seems to be the middle parallel chain is a bit off. It’s mainly black with a few pixels lighting up sometimes. From the limited number of pictures I can find of this board, all three ports are facing the same way with the notch on top. My one has the middle port with the notch on the bottom (see pic). Is this normal or do I have a “special” board? Thank you, I’m sure I’ll be back again for more noob advice.

It looks like your board was built wrong, the 3 notches are supposed to point up. You could cut a hole at the top and put the connector the same way up than the other ones, I think it may work

Also, if you have smartmatrix code, I recommend you look at my lib to run your arduino code both on smartmatrix and rPi: