Parallel board recommendation

This is my first post here, I would like to start by thanking everyone involved in this awesome project!

I’ve been building a simple scoreboard for our hockey / curling rink. The prototype that used a single 32x64 panel is working well. I would like to upgrade the display to 64x64 so I added a second panel, which is chained and driven by an adafruit hat.

Chained panels give me a default layout of 32x128, so I’ve had to write a little code to give me a 64x64 canvas. The code doing this transformation is consuming valuable cycles on my pi zero, and with the current supply chain situation it isn’t easy to get a more powerful raspberry pi.

If it is possible to get a ‘native’ 64x64 layout by switching to a parallel layout instead of chaining then I would be happy to do that. My current adafruit hat only has a single port, so I’m looking for recommendations for another board. Searching here I see some folks recommending the electrodragon active-3, but I was surprised to see that this board doesn’t come with a port for connecting power?
Do I just need to source the appropriate part (5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID positive tip connector) and solder it on? or do I need to find another way to power this setup?

Apologies for the basic electronics questions - I’m a software developer who is having fun learning with this electronics project!

you don’t need the electrodragon board and multiple chains for 64x64
I think vmapper will do what you want