Dear Sir/Madam

Hello, firstly thank you a lot for such a great provided code. I face a problem when switching from " -led-gpio-mapping=adafruit-hat"mood to " --led-gpio-mapping=adafruit-hat-pwm."
from MOSI I get a trigger to another device DMD and try to synchronize the frames displayed on DMD with LED PWM. in adafruit-hat mood, I face a brightness glitch just before my trigger and causing my image has flickering, so I connected GPIO 4 and 18 and change the mood to adafruit-hat-pwm and tried to run it. but unfortunately, i faced these errors:


when I searched on the internet I finally find I should update my raspberry to access \dev\ mem and dev\gpiomem but in further steps, I felt it may clear my library which is provided by this code. if anybody can help me what should I do?

not sure, but if you bought the hat from adafruit, have you asked them for support?