RPI3+Electrodragon+Adafruit - top green

I am using a raspberry pi with the Electrodragon board to drive an Adafruit 64x32 display
when I am using the demo’s they all show the top half of the board green.
What can be the issue?

it helps if you show a picture, but it sounds like a wiring or pin mapping issue, RGB Panels use 6 color pins, G1 is top half, G2 is bottom half. So your problem seems to be with G1.
Electrodragon boards are good, but you didn’t say which version you have (with or without RTC) or which channel you used, or really anything that can help people help you trace this.

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Hi Marc,

I actually have all 3 boards: the Adafruit Hat, the Electrodragon V1 and Electrodragon V2.
The Adafruit Hat works perfect.
The issue happens on both Electrodragon setups.

For the Adafruit setup i’ve used the --led-gpio-mapping=adafruit-hat parameter.
For the Electrodragon setups i’ve used the --led-gpio-mapping=regular parameter.

your picture doesn’t show green, just one panel that is half red, everything else black.
if only one panel is showing bad colors, swap the cables first to see if the problem is with that bus, or with the panel.
Next, make sure you compiled the library and didn’t hardcode it for adafruit, which puts different settings in the library that could cause this.

I already swapped the cables…its all the same…
the library isn’t hardcoded for Adafruit

Thanks for confirming. Then I’m not sure. You may have panels with a different chip that require a special init sequence. Did you try all the fm6826xx init sequence options?

Haven’t tried this one.
I also have the Adafruit Matrix Bonnet.
When I use this board and compile the library for that bonnet I get the panels to work.