Flickering on Waveshare 64x32 Display + Pi Zero 2 WH + Adafruit Bonnet


I’ve been having a bit of a weird issue with my display when rendering anything with PIL where adjacent/surrounding pixels to the ‘rendered’ content are lighting up.

This is happening both with the examples in hzeller’s repo as well as my own tests.

So far, I’m usually running it with:

sudo python3 image-draw.py --led-gpio-mapping=adafruit-hat-pwm

I have, of course (I believe) tried everything in the troubleshoot steps regarding flickering, including;



Messing with the various pwm settings (dither, nanoseconds, etc).

Disabling sound on the pi

Adding isolcpus=3 to /boot/cmdline.txt

As for hardware, I’m using a Waveshare 64x32 HUB75 Display, a Pi Zero 2 WH, and the matching adafruit bonnet with GPIO 4 and 18 jump ‘mod’ added.

I’ve attached some vids of what I’m experiencing (with the image-draw.py sample and a simple time program) + some photos of my setup. I’ve made the image-draw loop so that I could get a consistent video of the issue, but it does the same thing running the original code.

Sorry for the watermark btw, I had to rotate the vids and I didn’t have any software downloaded. I can re-upload if its too in the way to see what’s going on.




Im in no way an expert but the adafruit hat’s methods for drawing are wild and if you try to just use reguler jumper wires instead that might fix it. If your limit is to low it will inherently cause those problems. But still im not sure why it wouldent run well are you using “sudo”? Because if its not run as root you will experience these problems alot