What is the fastest way to copy a 2D array to the Canvas?

I have a 128x32 display that shows scrolling mountains and 3 layers of stars in the background. I take the 4 layers of scenery and merge them into a 2D array, then I copy this the Canvas one pixel at a time.

for x in range (0,HatWidth):
    for y in range (0,HatHeight):
      r,g,b = rgb = FinalLayer[y][x]

This looping works great on a 64x32 display, but when I double the width to 128 it is noticeably slower.

I do that in C++ pixel by pixel and it’s fast enough that I didn’t really notice the slowdown, if any, but I agree it would be nice if the were a way to feed an entire line at a time.

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I have a hardware work-around. I swapped out the Pi3 for a Pi4. It is so much faster I had to actually change the way I was scrolling. :slight_smile: