Video-viewer not displaying video


I installed everything and got all the demos working, I moved into the utils folder and was able to make the video-viewer and install all the dependencies without issue. When I run “sudo ./video-viewer -f -T2 test.mp4” I get an issue opening file: : Success message. Above this it shows two messages the first says Format mov, mp4, m4a, 3gp, 3g2, mj2 detected only with low score of 1, misdetection possible! and the second message says moov atom not found.

Any ideas on how to fix this and get the video working?

Can anyone help or direct me to a working file to test out? I was hoping this group would be a little more active. I can answer any questions you might have about my set-up. Im not entirely sure what information would be helpful to give besides the error I am already getting.

Sorry the group is indeed not super active. I don’t know that code well, but 3 things to try

  1. try a simple mpeg file or some very standard format that plays everywher
  2. make sure you have proper versions of the video decoding libraries (not sure how to check that)
  3. connect your rPi to a monitor and make sure ffmpeg can display/decode your video.