Making a 96x96 display using one chain of 9 panels

I am using a Pi4 and Adafruit Hat with 9 x 32x32 HUB75 LED Panels.
I am able to get 4 of them working using the u-mapper config creating a 64x64 display.

When connecting 9 together in one chain I come into some issues.

Here’s my attempt with 9 panels.

Does anyone have a reference for what wiring arrangement/layout I need to use and which mapping flag to make this a square display?

I think you can try to configure your panels as
96x32 (as if your panel was 96 wide), and maybe something like --led-pixel-mapper=V-mapper?
Have a look at rpi-rgb-led-matrix/examples-api-use at master · hzeller/rpi-rgb-led-matrix · GitHub

For now - I made my content 32 x 228 pixels and chained the whole thing together in one chain. Chopping up the gif content to display in a square. Not ideal but I couldn’t get the V-Mapper to work.