Is there any other SBC in place of raspberry pi

I have a raspberry pi 2W. I can control four P4 LED screens. Now, I want to control more LED screens. I once had a 2B and tested it. It can control nine LEDs (64x64), but now raspberry pi is too expensive Any other SBC that can replace raspberry pie 2B, 3b, 4b?

Not that I know of I’m afraid.
teensy 4.1 can allegedly run 128x256 on a single channel, but don’t expect the refresh rate to be good.

There are a bunch of boards with the same style 40 pin header. Since RPi are unavailable at reasonable prices, I’m wanting to do future installs on another board. He has a few things listed in hardware-mapping.c, which looks like where you’d need to do any remapping to make others work.

It would be good to look there. You’d notice that starting at line 216, it shows that the RPi CM4 computer module can support 6 chains.

When I get around to doing it, if I need to do any remapping, I will be submitting those changes.

@easyPython curious if, about 1 year later, you discovered any other SBCs that acted as a drop-in replacement for the Pis? I find myself in the same predicament now. I’m really trying to source a CM4 and develop a custom base board to take advantage of the 6 chains, but even in H2 2023 they are still not available anywhere :sleepy: