Curious: Has anyone implemented a CM4 solution?

I’m on the brink of biting the bullet and designing my own base board for a RPi Compute Module (CM4) to take advantage of the 6 chains. The intent would be to replicate the same functionality as the Electrodragon Active Drive Board but of course in the CM4 form factor and for 6 chains instead of 3.

I was wondering if anyone had created a custom design like this already, and, if not, how you went about validating the functionality of 6 chains at once?


Hey hensonar,

I was in contact with Electrodragon but it looks like it is not possible to use 6 chains on CM4 because the pins are used by bluetooth, ethernet and wifi

If you would come across a solution, I would be happy to hear it!

Hi @Kudzju,

Yeah, I realized this shortly after posting the forum post I think haha. Using the regular RPi you are correct, but it should be possible to break out the 6 chains (or maybe 5, I can’t remember) using a RPi Compute model without wireless functionality.

Regardless, that’s not the solution I wanted as I needed to keep the wireless functionaity. So in the end I ended up sticking with the normal RPI4.