Help choosing bright panels

Hi there,

I’m struggling in the aliexpress/chineese word trying to find panels with the highest possible brightness (and best pixel pitch)

I bought 2 test panels P3 64x64 1/16 and have performed very poorly under sunny conditions (at 11bit)
reading here and on github, I think the best alternative is P4 64x32 1/8 panels but I’m not sure which one to choose in the big ocean. I also see different refresh frequencies (within 1/8 scan) I have seen 600hz, 1920hz and 3840 models, Does this affect the brightness as well?

Anyway, Can someone recommend a specific model? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Are you selecting the ones that are specifically labelled as outdoor panels?

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yes of course, seems P3 panels due very small led and high scan rate is not the best panel to bright (even outdoor labelled) also they a bit slow in rPI, about 120hz 4 panel chain

1/16 multiplexing is 1/2 the brightness compared to 1/8. Therefore, among outdoor LED matrices, products with 1/8 multiplexing are brighter.
And check the brightness and power consumption per pixel from the product specs featured on Ali Express. Power consumption per pixel is roughly proportional to brightness.

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It is difficult to choose a model on Aliexpress, as the specifications are simply false, I have seen the same panel marked as 4000nits and another as 8000nits, both unrealistic for being too low and too high, the best option is to search on alibaba for manufacturers of their own panels to get reliable data

Anyway, my main doubt was about the refresh rate (not the scan rate which is always 1/8) I have seen panels marked as 480hz, or 900hz , 1200hz and 4800hz, I wonder which will be the best option for rPi, I think the lower the better? because rPi can barely overcome 200hz @11bits.

In any case I have found out all the panels marked as 4800hz are driven by PWM chips (icn2153, icn2153,mbi5153 ) so they are totally excluded for this project.