Help finding reliable led panels from China

Hello im here because i admire HZeller and Marc work.

I wanted to ask @marcmerlin or anyone who might know here where i can find reliable panels from china , or places that its not amazon or adafruit . Since i need to buy a lot and the resolution they have ( p5) is not what i need for the size im looking (320 x 160 mm). anything below p5 would work.

Thanks a lot to all the community!

It’s not my work, I only wrote a few lines of the source code, although I’ve written thousands of lines of code that does use the library :slight_smile:

I get my chinese panels from azerone, honest seller and never let me down.

If amazon doesn’t have them, or you want a higher quantity, contact hongren directly on FB (you can trust him, tell him I sent you) and discuss what you’d like shipped directly from china. You can then pay by paypal.

Hello Marc , thank you so much for your help. Im in contact with Hogren now . Im gonan order custom p4 flexible panels. But before i want it to show you the data sheets to make sure everything looks well for the program. We are using FM6126A chipset.

Please let me know what you think.


@marcmerlin do you think this looks like it would work with the program?

I haven’t looked at the datasheets, all I know is that the 128x64 panels I got from azerone came with FM2616A and later FM2617, and both work with Henner’s library.

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Yes, thanks @marcmerlin !