Drive only one panel

Hello every one,
First of all thanks for this amazing library. I am curently working on a project that use on matrix 64x64 hub75E with a compute module 4.
We use our own adapter for driving the panel, and everthing working perfectly find except that we have some EMI issues. We noticed that the matrix emit too much, because it transmit a signal in the next connector to a chained matrix that is not connected. I think this happen because of BCM format that it is transmit continuously to refresh the image displayed on the panel, but i would like to know if their is a way to limit the communication to one panel only.
Many thanks for your help.

Can you please describe your “EMI ISSUE”? There isn’t a way to stop the shift outs from the panel shift registers, but perhaps you could terminate the lines if you truly have an EMI issue. But in my experience, I doubt that you have an EMI issue but instead have the same problem that I had. How many panels and what size are you trying to drive? What are the symptoms that makes you believe you have an EMI issue?


Thanks for your reply.
We use one panel of 64x64 pixel in our product. The product is planed to be sell in the EU market and for that we are currently working on EMC qualification to get CE marking. What I mean by EMI issue is that we emit over the limit of standard when we use the panel.

I contact the panel manufacturer for their certification repport and they respect the standard, so we think that the emission come from the way that we use the panel.

We tried to terminate the line but it’s not reduce significantly the emission, we are currently testing some filter to put on the transmission line.

need to ask you, do you have A,B,C and E selection lines ?