Connecting a Hub40 P16 Screen Panel

I am experimenting with connecting a P16 Hub 40 16x16 Led screen panel. The panel comprises a matrix of 16 x16 discrete rgb led pixels which equals 768 discrete leds. The onboard chips are 245 buffers and 48 pcs of jxi 5020 sipo each with 16 outputs, which yield 48x16 = 768 outputs, one per led. There are no decoders and no row drivers onboard. Also Hub 40 has no A,B,C, or D pins. the panel seems laid out in 16 groups of 16 rgbleds 4 rows x 4 columns. The pix shows pixel-mover displayed with - led -multiplexing=1 , led-row-addr-type=0,. Of course, the panel only processes the rgb, lat, clk and oe signals as the Hub40 does not accept the others.

The panel is labelled PH16(1R!G!B)-16*16-V1.0(Q1-1/H2-2) BH0898A

Would the library support this panel ? Any ideas ?