Art project need help! Will pay for assistance, urgent

Dear all,

I am building a bigger version of a Red pixel mirror that lets you see yourself in 3 seconds delay. It is an Art piece I made and the original screen was 96x96 pixels

I am building a big screen that needs some help. It is 72 pieces P10 32x16 panels arranged in a 6x8 setup. The final screen is 128 pixels wide and 192 pixels high.

I need help with the mapping of the LED matrix. As you can see in the image it is standing and the chain is 3 columns of modules. I have tested the S-Mapper by t413, but it does not work. There is something wrong with the registration. I also tested to make a hard coded version, but my c programming is not good, so that was a fail.

Can someone please help me. The exhibition opens in three weeks and I am desperate. I do understand that this is a enthusiast forum and it is your free time you are giving up. But I am willing to pay you for your help. I really really need help.

You can contact me directly at:

Later we can post the solution here and on GitHub

All my best
Thomas Broomè

I realize it’s probably late, but

has some info, including how to write a custom mapper, which is maybe what you need

Also Mixed Panel Geometry - #6 by marcmerlin might help