S-mapper for Big Led screen

Dear all,

I am building a big LED-screen for an art project, using p10 32x16 modules. The screen is 192x144 pixels in a 6x9 arrangement.

my setup is:

[<][<][<][<][<][<] }-- Pi connector #1
[<][<][<][<][<][<] }— Pi connector #2
[<][<][<][<][<][<] }— Pi connector #3

I have tried to use the S-mapper that t413 posted on Github. I am having trouble getting it to register and noted that pixel-mapper.cc has been updated after the S-mapper was written. In the discussion it was suggested that the S-mapper could be a feature of the U-mapper. I guess I could hard code a S-mapper according to my needs. But if it is a feature of the U-mapper I would prefer to do that.

So my questions are:
Is it possible to register the S-mapper by t413 in pixel-mapper.cc?
Is there a simple way to make the U-mapper into an S-mapper?

If anybody can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have the exact answers, but if you lie to the library to tell it your panel is 6 times wider, then you only have 3 panels per chain and you can use Vmapper instead
See Mixed Panel Geometry - #5 by wema