Scrolling text blink syntax

Hi, I’m using a pi 3b for the 32x64 matrix using the text-scroller and it does what i programmed it to display except i can’t get text to blink.
Can anyone show me the correct syntax to accomplish this please?

You can use a separate canvas to create a blank screen. So draw the text to one canvas and blank a 2nd canvas, then switch canvas’ as desired.

To instantiate a canvas
offscreen_canvas = matrix.CreateFrameCanvas()
offscreen_canvas1 = matrix.CreateFrameCanvas()

To draw on a canvas
or use PIL to draw text on a specific canvas

To swap canvas’
offscreen_canvas1 = matrix.SwapOnVSync(offscreen_canvas1)

There is more info on GitHub

Thanks for the tip but the rgb-led-matrix instructions for scrolling text blinking called for a " -b " with x seconds on and z seconds off. However, this method obviously didn’t work.
Can you provide an example for your method?