Refresh Rate Control

I am getting flicker on my set up. I have 7 64x32 P3 chained together. Using a Pi 3 running Raspbian OS Lite. I have tried using the command --led-limit-refresh to manipulate the refresh rate, but I keep getting this message in return:

Option --led-limit-refresh=160 starts with --led- but it is unknown. Typo?

Am I missing the command on my system? Is there an alternate means of refresh rate control?

So to answer my own question, with a little experimentation I found that adjusting the Pulse Width Modulation with the
–led-pwm-bits=<1…11> command does the trick. I set mine to --led-pwm-bits=3 to great affect. Setting it to 4 seems to work too but 3 really cleans up the flicker. Hope this helps someone else.