Possible new 64x64 outdoor LED Matrix Display module

I currently have three types of LED Matrix Displays modules that are 64x64 in resolution and 192x192mm in physical size. I have two outdoor modules and one indoor module, and a total of about 6 of each type for making a larger display. One of the outdoors is from an unknown supplier and the other two are from:



The outdoor module from an unknown supplier and the indoor from the above supplier work with the GitHub software rpi-rgb-led-matrix - they both have 5 address lines ABCDE. However, I can’t seem to get the rpi-rgb-led-matrix software to work with the outdoor module from the above supplier. Interestingly this outdoor module is 4 address lines, which the rpi-rgb-led-matrix software documentation suggests is rare.

For your interest, the following command works for the outdoor module from an unknown supplier:

sudo examples-api-use/demo --led-gpio-mapping=adafruit-hat-pwm --led-rows=64 --led-cols=64 --led-no-hardware-pulse --led-pwm-lsb-nanoseconds=300 --led-pwm-dither-bits=2 --led-slowdown-gpio=5 --led-pwm-bits=4 --led-multiplexing=1 -D0

And the indoor module from the above supplier works using the same program arguments, except via changing multiplexing=1 to multiplexing=0

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.