"non-existent Revision: Could not determine Pi model"


Out of curiosity, I compiled and ran this library on a PINE64 SOQUARTZ (ok, less ‘curiosity’ and more ‘CM4s are still not available so lets investigate potential solutions’ lol).

But lo and behold, it does not work. I have followed the same process I did to get this working on an RPi4, so I’m confident about the libraries, the make operation on text scroller, etc. Here is the full output

root@DietPi:usr/src/rpi-rgb-led-matrix/utils# sudo ./text-scroller -r ../fonts.bdf "hello world" --led-rows=64 --led-cols=128 --led-slowdown-gpio=4
non-existent revision Revision: Could not determine Pi model
mmap error : Operation not permitted
MMapping from base 0x3f 000000, offset 0x200000
Must run as root to be able to access /dev/mem
Prepend 'sudo' to the command

Is this a lost cause, or is there a way to get this library working on the SOQuartz (and other compute module alternatives)? I understand that RK3566 is completely different from the RPi CPU, but given that they are running the same DietPi distro, plus the pinouts between compute modules are exactly the same, would there be a way to get this to work?

I’m happy to sink some personal time to making this work if a solution doesn’t exist already. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks.