Mobile Theater Screen(s)

Hi all I’m working on a project to chain 40 (4x10) 64x64 2mm fm6126 panels together to create a screen for playing films.

I also want to be able to split this into two separate 3x6 screens. This sounds more doable from what I’ve read thus far.

I’m not sure that it matters, but I’ve received funding to help bring back to life a Black owned movie theater from 1914 in order to play contemporary short films for our community.

So far I have two 64x64 panels as mentioned above to demo with just a pi4.

I was excited to demo when my pi for this project came in (after months of supply chain woes) and realized the 2x8 gpio ribbons don’t fit on the pi4s gpio spacing. Initial reading led me to the adafruit hat or the electrodragon active 3 as extenders and the necessary power supply, however it wasn’t until the basic came in that I realized these would be absolutely necessary.

I’d like to do no soldering if possible, which seems doable with the active3.

Could I get a recommendation for power supply and any insight on options for the 40 panel configuration?

I’m hoping to make this as mobile as possible to screen at parks. If there’s any insight there I’d definitely appreciate that as well, but I do understand how much that can complicate things. Give me ideas to try and I’ll do my best though!

I also hope I can update this thread as I continue to piece things together.

Thanks in advance for all the discussion and time thats already been put in to this space that can allow me to dream this up! I’ve done basic pi projects before, but nothing quite to this scale or needing as much hardware.

Looking forward to building with you all!

“5V high current switching power supply” as quoted from hzeller.

I’m sorry I don’t better understand power supply terminologies yet.

Am I looking for this 5V 2A (2000mA) switching power supply - UL Listed : ID 276 : $7.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Or something like this: RS Pro by Allied - 1618278 - Embedded Switch Mode Power Supply I/P:100 to 240V ac O/P:5V dc 50W 10A - Allied Electronics & Automation

Thanks all

For the $2000+ you’d spend doing this, why not buy the biggest tv you can find, or a projector and screen for a more authentic experience?

I already have a projector.

I’m using a modular screen to grow the screen with the organization and fundraise per panel.

Typically theaters do naming rights on seats as a campaign. However, mobile seats that are worth putting your name on just doesn’t math out or sound as appealing.

I know I’m asking a very basic question up above (fairly certain I’m on the right track, but unlearning commercial labelling for power supplies is an unfortunate hurdle) so feel free to keep asking any clarifying questions behind the motivations here.

I read that every single panel of this type consumed up to 2.5A. For 40 panels you will need a 100A power supply.
One power supply with this capability is expensive. But you can also use two 50A power supplies. Or four 25A power supplies.
This will be cheaper.

Kind regards.