Install libs and h files for all users

It has been too lonmg since I did sysadmin stuff. I installed everything and demos run fine and a few apps like the mlb scorebaord run fine,

Now I would like to log in as a different user and compile a C++ program I wrote but I am confused about where to put the h files and the libraries. If I wanted the next line to compile from any user/directory

g++ -o foo foo.cpp -L…/lib -lrgbmatrix -lrt -lm -lpthread

How/where should I do the installation?

Thanks and if this in inapproriate for this forum could you please point me to the proper one and delete this?

I am fine with Python but it is too slow for my application. Just slow enough to flicker when scrolling multiple lines at different speeds.

I just moved all the header and library files to /usr/local/include and fonts to /usr/local/fonts and all is good. But I still do not know the preferred way although I recognize this is off topic for thie group.