I made 384X512 pixel size LED display using Hzeller's library

I used 3X 8 P2.5 (64X128) pannels to make 384X512 pixel size LED display.
My blog https://iot-for-maker.blogspot.com/ explains the detailed creation method and process. And the source code is also uploaded to github. The white line in the picture is invisible to the real human eye.

I used 5 Rpi. One for streamming server, 4 for LED display.
Each LED player controls 6 LED panels( P2.5 64X128) using 3 hub75 chains.
So each channel controls 2 panels.

  1. LED signage installed on cafe window
  2. back pannel view
  3. Indoor test screen


Very nice, thanks for the explanation, I was wondering how you were getting so much resolution given the limitations in signal speed and refresh rate.
You probably have the only muti pi setup I’ve seen. Well done.

Awesome… I was thinking to make large display like this. Can you please help me that how you have done this thing. How you are controlling them. Please guide me once…