Python API -- problem importing rgbmatrix

I have a functioning project for over 2 years, but I recently switch from Code-OSS to Visual Studio Code as I see that is now available for raspberry pi 4. The code has not changed, but with Code there is suddenly a problem importing the rgbmatrix folder.
I use —> [rpi-rgb-led-matrix/ at master · hzeller/rpi-rgb-led-matrix · GitHub] as my model.

The import is probably fine. It’s likely VSCode Python type checking complaining. Easiest fix would be to ignore that line by appending “# type: ignore”, or work out how to add the rpi-rgb-led-matrix bindings directory added to Pylance config.

Thanks for the reply. My research leads me to agree with you and I feel the Pylance settings in VS Code are the culprit. I am working on this now.