Best way to identify damaged part of system

Hey all, I think I may have done something silly with my hardware setup. I’m using an adafruit bonnet with a 64x32 matrix. It was previously working but the most recent time I attempted setup I was experimenting with passthrough on the GPIO SCL pin. I noticed the entire matrix flash red and now when I try to use the utility library either the matrix shows nothing, or upon connecting/disconnecting the setup in various ways I can get some/all of the matrix to light up with random data.

I suspect I may have fried my bonnet, but I wanted to check if there was a fairly reliable way for making sure.

Below is an example photo of the output I’m experiencing - it’s meant to be showing a 32x32 pixel art character on a black background.

I am keen to set up an input for the pi using some hardware buttons and was planning on using some of the remaining free GPIO pins to monitor input - I’d planned on using the SCL, #25, #19 and SDA pins. Does this seem reasonable? I’m guessing the best way to test the setup is to solder some jumper leads to the bonnet for bread boarding and then eventually replacing these with dedicated hardware. I wanted to sanity check this to make sure I don’t potentially destroy another board!

I was similar problem. Panel show radom color and position pixels. In my case rpi was broken.